Established in 1978 by J. Arthur Clark C.G.A, our firm has grown from two partners and one bookkeeper to it's present complement of 18 professional and support staff.   Our professionals have been chosen because of their commitment to a team approach of providing excellent service and value to our clients.   All our staff are strongly dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients.   With the diverse talents available from our personnel, we are able to provide a wide range of services.

Clark, Robinson was built on the foundation of our partners' belief in developing and retaining a personal relationship with our clients.   This provides continuity in service over the years, and allows us to anticipate our clients' changing needs.   Our clients expect personal attention, and appreciate this hands-on approach.

We are committed to maintaining the highest possible quality of service, through on-going education and professional development, compliance with stringent national standards, and the engagement of other specialists in the field as required.

Most of our clients were referred to our firm by other satisfied clients.   Our client base is a broad representation of the business community, including forestry and logging, construction, retail, hospitality, tourism, farming, real estate and professionals.   Our clientele includes corporations, not-for-profit organizations, First Nation's organizations, sole proprietors and partnerships.